This year, Nairn101 will NOT be holding a Big Christmas Lunch (like last year). Grateful thanks again to all those who helped last year, and who have been asking about this year .... Fortunately there are lots of other things going on - check out Nairn Rocks for people who are gathering foods together and sharing out, for free lunch for the homeless, Mudro Macleod at the Free Church is distributing hampers which are donated by Sainsbury's (very generous to nairn101 last year :-)) - his contact details 01667 459131, and And what else is possible? How can we be or do something more or something different to contribute to and for others this Christmas? In this way, bringing peace and joy to our community and to the world ...

And I wonder what is possible for next year? We'll see ....





Update after 'last in series' on 30 September :-)

We had an interesting ‘last-in-series’ in-between evening at Nairn Comm&Arts Centre on 30 September :-)  Thanks to all who came - including Violet, who is the first person ever to have come via Spotlight Mag advert :-) and was re-directed by the poster in the Little Theatre window :-) 


In short, in an organic self-organising way, it appears that there is delight in what has become the organic chao-ordic format and a desire for more :-) and so nairn101 continues :-)


Comments included: 

"I love that there is simply a space to be, to listen, to say something if I want, to know that it is there” or something like that ;-)

“nairn101 explores what it is to be a human being”

“there have been some great connections made through nairn101 and I’ve seen people transform”

somehow unless we make a conscious move to say how positive connections are developing, we miss the joy of what this is about - so let’s :-)


It was very lovely to realise that nairn101, through its evolution since September 2105,  really is becoming what it set out to be - a space to inspire, to awaken, to challenge, to connect, to encourage people to think, be and do something more…. through TED-like talks, both downloaded and ‘live’ and enough time and space to interact and be with the topics, have fun and make connections which may lead to more thinking, being and doing, and whatever else is possible. 


The evenings to date may have focussed more on ‘performance’ having been at the Little Theatre in the theatre-style seating arrangement and lighting, and by default filling the time slots rather than allowing space for talking and being.


So … in the ‘Conference Room’ at the Comm&Arts Centre, there is flexible seating, a window for natural light (we even sat in the dark, lit by street lights :-)), inbuilt projector and a laptop included (which very much simplifies the technical side) and is 1/4 of the price of the Little Theatre :-) There was some discussion around how often to gather together - ranging from twice a month :-) to once every other month, and see .. and for 2 - 4 hours :-)  Not Fridays, to allow folk to go off and do weekend things plus being able to frequent Nairn Film Club now also held on Fridays.  There was also talk of having a set date and place from time to time AND being open to 'nairn101-walkabout’ which would go wherever the energy draws the event.


In the meantime, the Centre is much used, and by different folk and groups over the seasons, and therefore may take some negotiation to get set dates … For the next one, the Conference Room is booked for Monday 7 November - 7 - 9 (we can always go walkabout afterwards …) and we’ll take it from there.   Format: a few TED-talk slots, 2 minutes ‘saying it as it is’ - sharing of anything, rants, whatever, some humour, maybe some music, and real time to mingle and ‘get it’.  Any ideas, be in touch, and be ready to take up some 2 minute slots!


Question: The Big Christmas Lunch -  Helena and I put this free lunch together last 25th December, with phenomenal help from local businesses and others on the day.  It was wonderful, and we won’t be doing it in that form this year.   The local church - with their fabulous venue (URC kitchen and glass hall) are unlikely to be doing it either, and are waiting to hear if and how nairn101 or others may step in to continue something of a tradition (it was set up a few years ago by the then local pastor).  I wonder if this is an example of ‘doing’ which could be most ‘ease’ with other groups also involved - like Green Hive (NRE) and/or others.  Any ideas?


With gratitude

and love


The Big Christmas Lunch 2015

So many nice quotes: 

Thanks for putting on the Christmas lunch. My sister and I thoroughly enjoyed it, plus the second time round also, with the doggie bag provided. It was the first time out for my sister for a long time. She felt quite at home, and everyone was kind and attentive, It gave her a real boost and made our Christmas. So thanks for your spirit of adventure and audacity on putting on the lunch.

Christmas Gathering 101 It takes an idea to create a squall. The momentum was created in the form of a sumptuous, well-presented Christmas dinner. Morag and Helena at the head of the operation masterfully organized this beautiful gathering. Helpers came forward to make this day a special one. Our thanks to those who gave their time and smiles to make it a success. Yummy donations from our local business, Sainsbury’s, Co-op and others contributed to a feast “fit for kings.” It has been a celebration of Love and it was honoured gloriously by sharing Love with the people who came to participate in this unforgettable event. ~May we remember that we are part of a Community thriving on Caring.

26 November 2015Morag and Heklena hit the Headlines

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Nairn101 is a new and exciting project under somethingmore, the mother company, limited by guarantee -  which was created in 2005 with the following objectives:

"1) to ethically support physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing and evolution of individuals by offering resources including physical environment, seed financing, micro-business set-up, support and advice, personal development, education and training.

2) to further holistic and integrated projects by way of environment, economic, scial and 'right governance' for personal growth as well as greater good, locally, nationally and internationally".

Morag Paterson was the original founder and director, with fellow director Helena Harcourt.

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