So what is Nairn101?


 Are you local to our beautiful Nairn?

 Are you looking for something more in your life? 

 Do you feel passionately about stuff? 

Have you had a life-changing experience or insight or are you waiting for one?

Are you interested in broadening your mind and getting something more out of life? 

Are you seeking to positively contribute to this world, while having fun?

Are you OK without a set format, just going with what emerges? 


If so, we'd love to meet you!



Nairn101 is to be a gathering together of curious people interested in thinking, being and 

 doing something a little or a lot different. Exploring what is possible, exchanging

stimulating ideas, challenging pre-conceptions and possibly creating new awareness.

Nairn101 is about thinking, being and doing something different or more, for ourselves, each other, our world and the world.


We have been meeting bi-monthly to shares talks, ideas and inspiration of up to 18 minutes on an eclectic, life-affirming and holistic range of topics.   We've blended fab individual presentations, interspersed with TED-talks ( and punctuated by some interesting and funny video clips and whatever else has organically emerged. And plenty of time to talk with each other.  

We share points of view, life-changing insights and/or experience, exchange information, passion and integrity.  And simply have an opportunity to say things as we see it! 



See further details under 'all the latest news'. 

Please contact us here or from your facebook page, go to Nairn101. 

(direct link to FB not yet live ..)



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