Nairn101 was lovely while it lasted - thank you to everyone involved, from beginning to end.

It created and attracted a clustering of people, of enquiry, of discussion,

on any topic, theme and meme, creating space for something more,

beyond belief - and fear - acknowledging points of view, considering what else might be possible, for 'good' - and love - in the world.

May you - and us all - continue to enquire and be you in the world, 

Thank you.


The website and FB page will cease to be on or around 15/06/18.   I continue to be contactable at 




nairn101 is now on holiday


nairn101 last hung-out at 112

the new wine bar on the brae on the High Street, Nairn on 18 Jan.


wonder what next?




For more information, or to talk about possibilities, please contact:



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